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MAD young students to become young ambassadors - (10 Jul '08)

MAD young students to become young ambassadors - (10 Jul '08)

When working for a charitable organisation you meet a lot of people that offer their help but then never follow through. Not only did you, Terry and Mmathoto, follow through but you created a platform for many young students to become young ambassadors for themselves, their families and our country.

On behalf of MAD - Make a Difference, Francois Pienaar, myself and the Douglas Foundation, I would like thank you for the passion, the knowledge and expertise you brought to the youngsters. We see this as not only a beginning of real change in the lives of many students in South Africa but also in the lives they touch.

On Saturday, July 5 CGF Research Institute provided a 3-hour briefing for South African high school students preparing to travel to the U.S. in August 2008.  Adults and students met at the Sandton Library’s auditorium on Saturday morning, where presentations were made by three speakers. Linda Ingalls from the Douglas Foundation also attended and offered valuable insight into the US.

The interactive session included discussion about South Africa and its current challenges, such as crime, poverty, lack of skills and employment.  Discussion also described governance principles, which Mr. Booysen stressed are as relevant to students as they are to CEO's in terms of conduct and ethics.  The conversation also touched on political issues and the role of serving as a young ambassador abroad.

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