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Eco-Logic Awards competition (2017)

The Enviropaedia’s Eco-Logic Awards 2017 competition has been opened, and the public are called upon to help identify and nominate individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards an environmentally sustainable world for us to live in. Each year, the best of South Africa’s Eco-Champions are profiled and promoted in the Eco-Logic Awards competition.

“Since the competition launched in 2011, the Eco-Logic Awards have flourished and grown in scale, status and influence to become one of South Africa’s most prestigious environmental calendar events.  With broad support from South Africa’s environmental authorities and thought leaders, it enjoys extensive TV, radio, print media and online coverage.”

The invitation to enter the Awards is open to South African small businesses, large corporate organisations, non-governmental and community-based organisations, municipalities and individuals who are leading the way in environmental excellence and innovation.  The 2017 Awards, will recognise excellence in the following categories:

  • Biodiversity Award
  • Climate Change Award
  • Eco-Innovation Award
  • Energy Efficiency Award
  • Recycling and Waste Management Award
  • Transport Award
  • Water Conservation Award
  • Green Economy Award
  • Municipalities Award
  • Eco-Youth Award
  • Eco-Community Award
  • Eco-Angel Award and
  • Eco-Warrior Award

There is no entry fee and entries close on 31 January 2017.

The competition entry form is available on the Eco-Logic Awards website

For further information, contact Linda Baker, Project Coordinator, Eco-Logic Awards |  | 0861 000 810 | 072 046 2595

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