Fast Tracking Company Officers

The global business community has embarked on a drive to entrench appropriate Corporate Governance practices to shape future strategic direction and guide operational conduct. Corporate Governance has emerged as a discipline that needs to be thoroughly understood by all, but principally by those who exercise, or advise on, fiduciary duties.  Corporate Governance is the cornerstone of a sustainable organisation and extends well beyond the boundaries of any individual profession, process, horizon or hierarchy.  It is essential to understand it in all its breadth and depth.

In these times of increased corporate scrutiny and governance reforms, public and private organisations need to trust that their existing and aspiring directors and executives have a comprehensive understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

CGF’s Fast Tracking Company Officers provides a simplified account of those matters covered in the Companies Act 71 of 2008 whilst integrating King III related recommendations, and relevant principles of Common Law.

The manual and its presentations are an invaluable aid in inducting directors and executive management to their duties and responsibilities and in assisting with the ongoing professional development of a company’s workforce, in order to ensure that designated employees continue to have the knowledge and skills expected of them.  The manual is delivered in electronic or booklet format which allows the reader to work through the material at their own pace.

The Fast Tracking Company Officers has been externally assessed and peer reviewed by three well recognised and highly qualified Group Company Secretaries of JSE listed companies. Moreover, the manual is endorsed by the Association of SADC Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa and the Global Business School of Entrepreneurs.

The  Fast Tracking Company Officers  covers the following sections:

  • Preamble
  • Officers of a company
  • Initial duty of accountability
  • Director’s (& other officer’s) primary duties
  • Director’s liabilities
  • Directors’ personal financial interests
  • Directors’ (& other officers’) functions
  • Matters of trust
  • Conduct of a director (& other officers)
  • Ineligibility & disqualification
  • Application to declare a director delinquent or under probation
  • Removal of directors
  • Board vacancies
  • Powers & restrictions (company & officers)
  • Director evaluation & rotation
  • Regulatory institutions
  • Categories of companies
  • Other “company types”
  • Formation of companies
  • Constitutional documents
  • Pre-existing companies
  • Close corporations
  • Board committees & board meetings
  • Record keeping requirements

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